Erosion Control Barriers

Geosynthetic Containers for Erosion Control -

Used to form a barrier against coastal erosion,

or to control the amount of sludge, sediment.

There is an increasing demand for structures to be designed and constructed using alternative methods.

Geosynthetic containers are used as a solution for conventional and non-conventional marine and coastal problems due to their design flexibility, environmental benefits, durability, safety and reduced cost.

The design and installation of erosion control structures using geosynthetic containers is a specialized field, one which our contracting division - Ecocoast Contracting LLC - is at the forefront of. We work with Ecocoast to offer the full service of design, supply and installation of geosynthetic containers.


Geosynthetic Containers


Geosynthetic containers are used to protect shorelines, rebuild beaches and create multifunction artificial reefs.

The technology has been used for more than 50 years and has proven to be a cost-effective, durable, easy to install and highly flexible method for a variety of shoreline protection, onshore and offshore marine construction projects.

Where sand-filled geocontainers are selected as the appropriate material, the containers are designed and custom-made for each project. With varying sizes, the containers range from 600 kg to over 600 tonnes. The weight provides stability and projects have been designed and constructed in high wave energy coastal areas with waves over 12 meters.

Only few companies around the world specialize in this field, and we are proud to be one of them. Our contracting arm, Ecocoast Contracting LLC, was responsible for the first megacontainer installation in the United Arab Emirates in 2007.

Since that time, we have been (custom) designing and installing geosynthetic structures as an alternative method of coastal protection in various countries across the Middle East and Africa.

Dewatering Tubes

Coastal Protection Barriers: Dewatering Tubes

Dewatering tubes are perfect for large-scale dewatering projects. Due to their high strength and large capacity, they are used extensively in municipal water & waste water treatment projects. The products provide a more innovative, efficient and cost-effective alternative than the more traditional methods.

Every dewatering project is unique. As such, general guidelines can be described, however each project requires consultation with one of our marine experts to identify the project requirements and design the dewatering process accordingly.

Our dewatering tubes are available in a range of sizes depending on the project.

Case Study

Jangwani Tanzania, Coastal Protection Barriers

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